Sunday Service & Children's Bible School: Cancelled

Together in Spirit

All church activities have been cancelled in light of the COVID-19 quarantine(including food pantry). Please click on the "Daily Bread" page  for links to lent lessons and uplifting material. During this troubling time, daily prayers will be posted below by Pastor Fritz as well as video sermons that are on the "Video" page. Please advise of prayer requests through the "Contact" page. Donations can be mailed or gifted through the website(Donations). God bless and be well!

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

808 N. Main Street Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

Church Office Hours: CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19 Tuesday 9am - 2pm

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Tues. 9:30am-12pm

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Daily Prayer


Saturday, April 4th:

It is the weekend, O Lord, a time when we would normally seek escape from the routines of work. Yet today we wish that we could escape from isolation and go to work. The idea of overtime is suddenly attractive—even on a Saturday. We wish that it were safe for us to venture out, to see our co-workers, to take on the challenges of our respective jobs. Help us, O God, as we struggle with this new reality forced on us by a dread disease. Lift our spirits, inspire our minds, help us to live into these days with renewed appreciation for all that we used to take for granted.

Help us to see that there is a difference between social distancing and being emotionally distant. In this time of physical separation, help us to rediscover the emotional side of all our relationships. Encourage us to love more freely, to express gratitude more frequently, to be thankful for those who love us and those whom we love.

While we cannot worship as a congregation, help us to find worshipful moments in each day. Inspire us to hum or sing our favorite hymn—even if we are off key.  Lead us to your Word, that the verses there may give us wisdom and inspiration. Encourage us to include others in our daily prayers and then lead us to use the technologies available to us to reach out with words of friendship and love. As we experience these days of separation, make us mindful of our shut-in members and friends at St. John’s church. Today we remember Pat Fernau, Wil Ulrich, Helen Voss, and Bonnie Olejnik. Watch over them and help them to feel our love reaching across the distance between us. 

Lord, as we prepare for the Holy Week ahead, rekindle in us the joy of your love. Help us to find in the sacrifice of our Lord the strength to face these challenging times, and remind us that beyond the clouds of death that loom on our horizon the light of your love still shines. Amen!

Who We Are

Within these walls you will find gospel-based worship services, incorporating traditional liturgy and hymns with sermons that serve to refresh and restore. You will also find a friendly, welcoming and diverse membership. We may come from different walks of life but we all share our faith in Christ, and a desire to  live in his example.


What can I expect?

 On any given Sunday, you will find:

  • A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere
  • The word of God shared in a way that relates to the busy lives we all lead.
  • Members that have been worshiping  here their entire lives alongside members who have just recently joined 
  • People in freshly pressed suits alongside people in worn-out blue jeans
  • Visitors for the first time


How do we serve the community?

In addition to St. John's food pantry, outreach ministries, and worship services, we also use our space to address needs within our community.  We currently host groups from: