Our Ministries


St. Johns' Food Pantry

St. John's is blessed to be a vital part of our community through our food pantry ministry. We are excited to be able to offer food on a first-come/first-served basis to any person or family in need. 

There are no requirements to prove need only a small form to fill out. If you eat, you qualify. Our pantry is run entirely by volunteers on a donation basis. If you would like to volunteer, please inquire at the pantry during open hours.  

Pantry Hours: 

Every Tuesday 10 am-2 pm   

Please use back entrance and follow signs.

See the calendar on our home page for most current upcoming hours or any exceptions.

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Youth Activities

  • Confirmation: Confirmation is a two-year faith formation program for young people in grades 7 and up. The program consists of 60 hours of classroom time (two weeks of class for two summers), attendance at one multi-church youth event (Lifest, Camp, etc), participation in two service projects and prayer journaling. Youth who wish to learn more about God, affirm the promises made for them in their baptism and pursue their confirmation into adult life in the church are encouraged to participate. You may register at any time during the year and will be confirmed once all aspects are completed.   Contact Pastor for more information. 
  • Other Youth Activities: Our summer activities involve a variety of church camp opportunities through Crossways Camps and attending Lifest together. Our school year activities involve a variety of special events, service projects and fundraising.

Adult Faith Formation

  • Studies: Group study is a wonderful way to explore the Bible at a deeper level and have an open discussion with the findings. Whether 3 or 13 the time spent is always good soup for the soul. Our current Walk and Learn Study meets at the church, every Tuesday morning at 9 am.
  • Women’s Retreats: Women of today must blend the pressures of the 21st century, with steadfast faith to keep them grounded. Women’s Retreats act as a wonderful way to support and enjoy our Christian sisters. Please see calendar for upcoming retreats.
  • Altar Guild: Serving in this way is based in deep respect for God's grace given through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.  The altar guild carefully maintains the altar and furnishings of the church to enhance the worship service. Though a very special act, the training is simple and easy to grasp. Please contact church office or Sue Berg (Altar Guild President) for information on how to volunteer. 
  • Volunteering: It is said that “Individual commitment is a group effort”. We realize that day to day life can consume most of your time; that is why we offer many ways to volunteer. Every little bit helps to make our church, our community, and our world better.  We invite you to consider volunteering in any of our ministries.  In addition, we encourage our members to live out our lives of faith in the day-to-day of everyday life, knowing that all good work comes from God.   
  • Spiritual Gifts: All of us are born into this world with different gifts and strengths. Many times, we feel our best when we are using these gifts to their fullest. Let us help you hone in on these amazing gifts and give you the tools to use them in your life. We are committed, as a congregation, to assisting each person in finding and using their gifts. For more information, contact Sally Poklasny (Spiritual Gifts Coordinator).

Refugee Ministries

  • World Relief of the Fox Valley: Our congregation enjoys partnering with World Relief of the Fox Valley to provide a welcome for persons entering the United States with refugee status.  Our members donate household items, time and friendship to these new members of our Oshkosh community as we show God's love for the strangers in our midst.  It is our hope to turn strangers into friends.

    More information on World Relief of the Fox Valley:    https://worldrelieffoxvalley.org/

  • Quilters for Lutheran World Relief:  Imagine the comfort that comes from a hug at the time when you need it most. That’s the feeling you can share with an LWR Quilt. Through a simple combination of fabric and thread, you can reach out to people in their time of greatest need with a strong message of hope — you are not alone.

    The Lutheran World Relief quilting project started following WWII, when American women in Lutheran congregations volunteered their time and sewing talent to respond to the need for blankets among the war’s survivors in Europe. Seven decades later, this mission is still going strong, only now the quilts are more likely to end up in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America or Micronesia. They are given to desperate families who have lost their household goods due to violence, flood, earthquake, or other calamity. Of all the many disaster relief agencies, only Lutherans distribute quilts.  More info on LWR at: https://lwr.org/get-involved/quilts

    Our quilters meet every other Monday at the church. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please  contact  Lois Krumenauer 


  • Karen Community: The community of Oshkosh has been blessed by the arrival of many legal immigrants with refugee backgrounds. One of these groups of refugees originate from the Karen state of Myanmar (Burma). This group of community members worship in the Karen dialect of Burmese on Sundays at 3 pm. St. John’s ministries are enriched by our diverse community. 

Supporting Our Ministries


Donating Online and In Person

As children of God, we understand that 100% of all that we have and all that we are is a good gift from the God of love. We gratefully give a portion God’s ministry in thanksgiving for God’s gifts to us. We gratefully use the rest of our lives and possessions to also bring God glory through our financial and personal choices. St. John’s ministries are supported entirely through voluntary gifts given by members and friends who find value in our work. Gifts to St. John’s support the ministries highlighted above, as well as the day-to-day staffing, building maintenance and office work that make everything else possible. You can participate in giving to St. John’s through making an offering during Sunday Worship, by participating in our fundraisers, by making a gift via mail or online to St. John’s ministries, by sponsoring a specific ministry and by remembering St. John’s ministries in your estate planning.  

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SCRIP cards are shopping cards from numerous companies which, when purchased, give a rebate back to the non-profit through whom they are purchased. We encourage our members and friends to consider purchasing these shopping cards through St. John’s for their everyday shopping, vacations and gift-giving. Each card purchased generates a rebate for St. John’s. SCRIP orders are collected the 2nd Sunday of every month after church and cards are distributed on the 3rd Sunday. For a list of the current rebates and current cards available, follow this link: www.shopwithscrip.com  

Honor & Memorial Pavers

Would you like to honor or memorialize someone special and assist our ministries at the same time? We suggest purchasing an engraved paver in our Memorial Garden. Order forms are available from the church office.  

Trinkets & Treasures Sale

This is our annual church rummage sale. Please check for dates in October.