St. John's is pleased to host Christian wedding services for member and non-member couples. Please check with Pastor to see if your preferred date is available, then you can get started planning. Popular dates fill quickly, so you will have the best choice of dates by contacting us early


  • All weddings performed at St. John’s require some pre-marriage counseling with Pastor or another counselor approved by the Pastor.
  • All weddings will be performed by Pastor. Outside clergy persons are welcome to assist in the ceremony with permission.
  • Wedding fees (as of 08/11/2017), are $375 for active members; $575 for non-members.
  • At couples’ request, weddings can be performed off-site, when appropriate arrangements are made in advance.
  •  All fees are subject to change 

Please contact us with other questions.


Holy Baptism

In Baptism, God lays claim upon the life of the baptized, calling them into the community of believers and bestowing upon them God’s good gifts! We are excited to participate in this action of God for the sake of God’s world! If you are ready to experience God’s claim on your life or the life of your child, please choose a few available Sundays for consideration and contact us to plan a baptism!


  • We baptize children and adults of all ages, understanding that baptism is God’s action of love for us!
  • Baptisms typically take place during a Sunday Worship Service, though extenuating circumstances may be considered.
  • We baptize in a variety of ways as requested by the family, understanding that God’s action of love cannot be limited by the amount of water or the style of baptism used.
  • We believe in ONE baptism, as baptism is about God’s claim upon us. You do not need to be re-baptized to be part of our community; God’s claim upon our lives cannot be revoked by any human institution or difference in denominational affiliation. You are welcome to discuss reaffirming God’s action in your baptism with Pastor Jen, should you have a desire to do so.

Please contact us with any other questions



We celebrate God’s promise of life eternal in God’s presence. We are pleased to hold Christian funeral services for members and non-members, as we assist families in lifting their loved ones into God’s eternal care. We seek to honor loved ones memories through working with families and funeral homes to tailor services to the particular person. Please have your funeral home contact us to request a Christian funeral by our Pastor in our facility, at the funeral home, or at the gravesite.


  • We trust in God’s love for all of God’s creation and lift up all to God’s gracious care.
  •  We make no distinctions and judgements about how a person lived or by what means they died. Schedule permitting, we will hold the funeral services for any family desiring a Christian burial of a loved one.
  • Funeral honorariums for service participants are typically included in funeral home fees, so no additional fees are necessary.
  • We make no distinctions nor judgements 

Please contact us with any other questions.